Volonterski kamp u Nemačkoj, Building weeks Lohra Castle

Restauracija starog zamka Lohra, kao i okoline u jednom ruralnom delu Nemačke.

Location: Grosslohra

Work: Construction

Dates: 18.06-01.07.2017.

Total number of volunteers: 5

Language: English

Age: 18-99


Description of work:  Repairing the roof construction of a medieval building The ensemble of Lohra Castle includes a medieval building from the 12th century located between the castle gate and the Romanesque chapel.  Under the professional guidance of two carpenters the participants will take off the roof construction, strengthen the construction and replace it. Please note that it is absolutely needed that the volunteers of the Building Weeks B01 and B02 are trained to work at height.
Food and accommodation:shared rooms with 2 – 5 beds in 3 guest houses, warm shower (limited hot water), WC inside, camp kitchen (cold water), coal-burning stoves
Location and leisure: Lohra Castle is situated in the heart of Germany in Northern Thuringia.For years Lohra Castle was vacant. In the 1990s Open Houses started to restore the castle and to revive it by cultural activities. Since that time, a large number of Workcamps, Building Weeks, art-workshops, exhibitions, concerts and international meetings took place in the castle.
Requirements: CV+photo and Motivation letter
Airport: Leipzig
Više informacija na: http://www.mis.org.rs/vss-admin/applications/camps_search.php



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