Besplatna škola Android programiranja

Today, we live in a world filled with robots, only not the kind we imagine. One robot in particular is there in our everyday lives and he is the talk of this post – Android.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world and its users are growing by the minute. Every day, people find new ways to interact with their users by developing new and more innovative apps that catch the user’s imagination. In this growing market, there are increased demands for people that want to make other people’s lives better and they are called Android developers.

Android applications can be found in cars, phones, tvs, freezers, watches and probably every other thing you can imagine. Being an Android developer puts no limits on your imagination and lets you create applications that can help users in many ways.

If you would like to become a creator of content that people can access everywhere, content that makes people happy or solves some problem for them, content that provides easy access to important information that keeps old friends in touch and finds new friends for the user, then take this journey with us. Student organization of the Faculty of Mathematics, Omikron, in collaboration with CreITive organizes Android programming school. What we offer to our candidates is a 9 week programming school in which applicants will learn first steps to becoming Android developers. This course will cover basics of Android through application development. We will develop 2 applications from 0 to 100 .

– First one will be a quiz application (lasts 3 weeks) and it should give candidates a feel for how Android functions and a feel for Android Studio IDE.
– Second application that’s going to be created is a blogs reading app (6 weeks). This is also our test application, one which we send to people who want to work for CreITive to do in order to demonstrate their skills. It is good because it’s not that complicated, but covers topics like:

·         Login process
·         Image reading and loading
·         Custom lists
·         Displaying web content
·         Different types of communication between sever and the app

At the end of the course, candidates that have passed will get a letter of accomplishment and a chance for an internship at CreITive .

What do you need to apply?

·         Good understanding of Java (interfaces, classes, hierarchy, polymorphism, anonymous classes, generics, etc.)
·         Excellent knowledge of English language
·         Android device (tablet or mobile phone)
·         Good will and motivation

Interested? Applications are free and open until March 21st.



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