Internship for University Students

The CESCI Balkans (Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives Balkans) and AEBR Balkans (Center for Balkans of the Association of European Border Regions) are providing internship possibility for university students in the field of Geography, Sociology, Economy, Public Administration or Law. The CESCI Balkans and AEBR Balkans performs researches and analyses, organizes trainings and conferences and also contributes to the policy-making in the theme of border studies.


We expect students who are interested in scientific research on borderland studies, cross-border development and cooperation. At the same time the intern may get an insight to the activity of the most successful cross border cooperation along the European borders.

Place of work: Novi Sad, Serbia

Working time: 20 h per week (flexible time schedule)


– Expert knowledge in using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel;

– Compulsory internship;

– English or/and German or/and French knowledge;

– Knowledge of a Central European language;

– GIS knowledge.

In order to apply, please send your biography and motivation letter by 23th May, 2016, to the following e-mail address: [email protected].


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