Kamp „Be water“ u Gračanici

Young Active Gracanica is an organisation that supports young people in the municipality of Gracanica, through a variety of workshops, different events and activism. Our vision is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding between different cultures, to develop young peoples’ potentials and to act responsibly in the local community. Gracanica is surrounded with mine tailing, which pollutes soil, water and air, but local people do not deal with environmental issues, since they are dealing with everyday survival. With this workcamp we would like to raise awareness among local people about the importance of drinkable water, sustainability and environmental issues.


Volunteers will work on water spring and river area, which should be cleaned up and arranged. They will make messages from recycled materials about the importance of water and other environmental issues. There will be additional tasks such as collecting herbs, workshops of organic agriculture and making ponds for watering animals.

There is an archaeological site called Ulpiana, what was an ancient Roman, nearby, so, volunteers can spend one day with researchers there and get some useful information about this site, as well as about archaeology in general. Volunteers can visit monastery Gracanica, Gracanica lake and Bear Sanctuary which is nearby the lake. They will also have an opportunity to learn something about self-defence art of ninjutsu

Volunteers will sleep in one room, on the floor, so they should bring their sleeping bags. Mattresses will be provided. Toilets, showers and kitchen will be provided. Volunteers will cook for themselves, in kitchen teams.

Volunteers should be preprepared for water and electricity cuts.

Gracanica is a municipality near Pristina, on the river Gracanka, in Gracanica lake valley. The place is famous about monastery Gracanica from the 14th century. There is also very popular archaeological site Ulpiana from Roman period.

You can find more information on this link.


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