Konferencija Reinventing the World

Reinventing the world-The power of Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now, join us & learn more about the future technologies that will make the world and industry stronger and better!

reventing the world konferencija

Day 1

First day of the Conference is dedicated to bring the vision of the world in Industry 4.0. Learn more about what is the future of software engineering, what are the cyber securty threats in IoT, as well as how we can use nature to develop industry from amazing speakers from Germany, Switzerland, Sweeden, etc. You will be able to see the demonstration of FESTO Bionic product: BionicCobot and see how machines can work directly and safely together with humans. Additionally, you will be able to hear more about the role of start-ups in Industry 4.0 from the start-up founders from the region and abroad.

Day 2

Second day of the Conference is all about the knowledge! We are bringing the world known experts in different areas to share their expertise in areas such as: IT, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Learn more about the agile Essence standard that was accepted by Scrum from it’s founder Ivar Jacobson, about new Blockchain methodologies and how IP can help you in laveraging your business.

Reinventing the world– the Power of Industry 4.0 is a two day event dedicated primariliy to start—ups, companies, researchers and other interested parties who are following and working on the high tech development. The aim of the event is to INSPIRE, but also give specific KNOWLEDGE in the newest trends in Industry 4.0 through series of inspiring talks, workshops and panels. Join us in learning & discussing the future of high tech world!

Use unique opportunity to meet and learn from world known experts & entrepreneurs coming from Germany, Switzerland, Israel, etc. We are bringing international high-tech expertise and experience to Belgrade!

More about the conference http://ntpark-conf.rs/


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