People to People Serbia

People to People Serbia is looking for one participant for the study visit When Peace follows War. The study visit will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 01.07.2016 – 17.07.2016.

People to People

Content and aim

Dinara Forum will organize a 15-day study visit with training units for 33 participants from 26 countries. We will introduce the participants to the details and backgrounds of the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina to then jointly investigate the international and local efforts to bring the war to an end through subsequent peace treaties and military intervention. After this introduction we will investigate thoroughly the joint national and international efforts to restore peace, to reconstruct the country, to achieve return of the refugees and displaced and to create reconciliation. In the focus of our investigation will also be the international effort to support the building of a functioning Bosnian state. We will then altogether visit 15 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well in the Federation of BiH and the Srpska Republika and meet a large number of national and international organisations directly involved in the peace and state building effort. We will organize six meetings and debates with youth and other organisations.

All accommodation costs are covered by the organisers, including the travel costs up to 180 euro’s.

The profile of the participants:

– participants are expected to have strong motivation and interest in the project themes

– able to attend the entire duration of the course

– able to work in English

– there is no age limit

To apply to participate in Study Visit please send short motivation letter and CV on: [email protected] Deadline is 5 May 2016


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