Training course about Healthy Lifestyles Thessaloniki, Greece

Centre for Education and Society Advancement is issuing a call for 4 participants from Serbia in the training course which will be hosted from 23 November till 3 December in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Healthy Lifestyles

“T.O.Y.S. and Healthy Relationships” is a ten-day Youth Mobility Project based on learning by participation methodology, and aims to promote sexual health through assertiveness and good communication with others. The participants are coming from Latvia, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Egypt, Moldova, Jordan, Romania, Greece and Serbia from different economic, social and cultural backgrounds. The project is expected to assist individuals to raise awareness on healthy behaviors, by experiencing activities in a safe and friendly atmosphere during the training course.
The participants will be able to transfer the new skills in their life and act as multipliers in the broad community.

What should you expect during the Youth Mobility?

  • Meeting and connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Expressing expectations regarding the content and the process of the programme
  • Becoming familiar with the methods and principles of non-formal education
  • Developing a deeper understanding of a healthy relationship along with the importance of self-confidence
  • Gaining knowledge on what is sexual health
  • Elaborating on principles of communication
  • Making suggestions
  • Educational visit.

After the selection process, the selected participants will have to fulfill following tasks:

1.Before you arrive there is small homework project for every national group to prepare, so you should collect as many interesting information regarding the following task (duration: 10-15 minutes):
How would you describe a stereotypical family/couple in your country?
What are the roles of each member of the family/couple?
What is expected from your society regarding these members of the family/couple?
The presentation of the tasks could be in the form of presentation, poster, video, role play or an artistic creation.
2. All groups will present their organizations (duration 5 minutes) during the 2nd day of the project.
3. All participants and NGO/informal group leaders are required to participate in the follow-up activities after the completion of the Youth Mobility. These activities will be discussed at the end of the project.
4. All participants are required to fill in a report in the Mobility Tool platform. Further details will be given at the end of the project.
5. Four intercultural nights will be held at the hotel during the Youth Mobility. Therefore, all participants are requested to bring representative food from their countries (nothing fancy, just 2-3 finger foods. Since this is the TC about healthy lifestyles use or promotion of alcohol is not allowed). Also, you can bring anything that is related to your country (i.e. music, posters, etc.)

Candidate profile:

  • over 18 years old
  • good working knowledge of English
  • interested in the topic and ready to participate in the preparation phase
  • can attend the whole training
  • commits to participate in the follow-up activity in Serbia after returning

Logistical information:

The organisers are covering accommodation and meals for 10 days, as well necessary materials.  Travels costs will be reimbursed as well. Reimbursement will be done after the Youth Mobility to one bank account for the whole group. Therefore, the organisers will need all travel documents – including an invoice / receipt as proof of payment. Only the most economical means of transport will be accepted.

Selected participants from Serbia are paying annual membership fee of 20 Euro to the Serbian organization if they haven’t done it in 2016. The annual membership fee allows participants to take part in all the activities provided by CEUD.

Application form _Healthy Relationships


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