Call for MA/PhD Students and Young Professionals/Recent Graduates for the DRR Summer Trainings 2017 and the Roster for Placement in National and Local DRR Institutions in 2018

UNDP Serbia and UNV announce the call for interested MA/PhD students and young professionals/recent graduates to apply for the DRR Summer Trainings in 2017 and become part of the roster for UN Youth Volunteers working placements in national and local DRR institutions in 2018. The call is open until May 3, 2017 and an information session for interested candidates will be held on April 18.

UNDP Serbia

The successful candidates will have access to specialized knowledge and trainings, valuable for profiling as DRR professionals, and an opportunity for working placement in 2018, with appropriate percentage of a Volunteer Living Allowance – VLA, highly competitive on Serbian labor market, as well as familiarization with the UNDP/UNV system and work, info sessions on various calls for proposals and support for self-organization, proactive actions and new project proposals preparation.



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